Sign from Bossmans Fave (2023)



Melissa Newbery Welcome was born and raised in South London. They are a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the individual and collective experience in spaces. Their work ranges from installation, drawing, photography and social interventions.  Within their research, Melissa approaches from a city perspective on humanity subjects and intervenes with a personal cultural approach that often highlights their mixed-race, working-class upbringing.

They often explore the human experience as an individual within a collective through public interventions exploring the accessibility of art amongst communities. Their work has been used to communicate and articulate, often highlighting and tackling issues through proactivity. Melissa displays multimedia pieces of work to be ‘experienced’ by the viewer within site-specific installations. These research-heavy projects look at the past, present and future implications of globalisation and the rippling effects of the industrial and colonial.

Melissa has an ongoing drawing and photography practice that takes a present-moment approach—often capturing images in event-based settings and illustrations with a comic-style approach.