BA (Hons) Diploma in Fine Art - Chelsea College of Art – 2019- 2023 –First Class Honours
UAL Extended Diploma in Visual Art and Design- The Brit School of Performing Arts and Technology– 2019


2024 ‘bloom’, Outhouse Gallery, London🇬🇧
2023: ‘Feast’, Forget-Me-Not Press, Online (Canada)💻🇮🇹
2023: ‘SHOW’, Chelsea College of Art, London🇬🇧
2023: ‘Interim’, Chelsea College of Art, London🇬🇧
2022‘Illumination’, Greenhaus, London🇬🇧
2022:‘Thought and Action’, Chelsea College of Art, London🇬🇧
2022:‘ONSITE’,Chelsea College of Art, London🇬🇧
2022:‘Inhabitants’, Safehouse, London🇬🇧
2022:‘B.A.I.T.B.A.L.L 02’, Harlesden High Street X B.A.I.T.B.A.L.L, Naples🇮🇹
2021: ‘NDA UK: Senses’, Livesy Exchange,London🇬🇧
2021:‘The Open Studio’, Bunk Studio, London🇬🇧
2021:‘Reclaimed’, Bunk Studio, London🇬🇧
2020:‘Supa-Really-Real-People’, Online Exhibition, London💻🇬🇧
2019:‘The Democratic Dish’, Chelsea Space Café, London🇬🇧

Performances/ Speaker/ Related Work

2023: Inside Track: Get Connected, Graduate Speaker
2023: Cheslea Graduation Ceremony, Southbank Center, Student Speaker
2022/23: UAL Psychedelic Society President/Host
2021: ‘NDA UK: Senses’, Livesy Exchange, 


2023-25: ASP x ACME Studio program, London
2021:Bunk Studio Residency, London


2023: ‘Feast’, Forget-Me-Not Press, Online
2023: Born Inna Capital, Self-Published