Born Inna Capital (2023)

Born Inna Capital explores the interpersonal relationships of being born and raised in a capital city. Comprised of 5 sections, Education, Nature, Access to Space, Capital and Disruption/Reclaim, this written body of work includes elements of a city upbringing. It explores how these personal experiences differ from the next.

Melissa’s Final body of writing for their time in Ba Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art was submitted as a pdf but intended for printed publication. A Purchaseable Edition will be available soon.

A soundtrack was curated alongside the publication to give a personal listening experience that supports the essay writing. This can be found below.

Spotify Playlist

01. Inglan Is A Bitch /Linton Kwesi Johnson
02. Beat Down Babylon /Junior Byles
03. Incredible /M-Beat, General Levy
04. Do You Really Like It? -Radio Edit /DJ Pied Piper & The
Masters of Ceremonies
05. soulboy - IZCO Remix /p-rallel, Greentea Peng, Izco
06. Spliff in the Morning /Walterwarm, Lord Apex
07. Los Pollos Hermanos /Knucks
08. Two Worlds Apart /Little Simz
09. Us Against the World /Strandz
10. Duppy /Big Zuu, Jevon
11. Peng Black Girls /ENNY, Amia Brave
12. Floetic /Floetry