Munching Mulch with our Mate Precipitation (2022)

A Painting, two hand Sculptures, Wool ornaments, Orange Garland, six jars, and germinating garlic bulbs are presented on a table.

“It’s more than people sitting at a table. It’s passing plates and offering spoonfuls of germination, pollination and ripening - We eat and love until our bellies are full and our sides burst at the rims. Collectively we take and give to the seeds sown, giving thanks to the sun, waters and earth that fed us here today. Melissa Newbery Welcome presents food for thought, how it came to be at our tables and the regenerative process that allows us to sit collectively, season after season.”

Combining the ideas of food, gardening and community, Melissa presents Munching Mulch With Our Mate Precipitation. This body of work explores the concepts of giving, taking and sharing in a community throughout seasons and the natural processes that lead to a shared table space.

Baitball presents
Harlesden High Street
Showing Melissa-Newbery Welcome
Palazzo San Giuseppe, via Mulini 1
Polignano a Mare
18 January - 15 March 2022